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Type: Rug
Brand: Nanimarquina
Designer: Nani Marquina

Knitted forms part of the new Natural collection by Nanimarquina

Knitted, made of natural hand-knotted jute, is hand-made utilising a sumak technique. Knitted is available in a natural colour resulting from sustainable dye work

The Natural collection has been produced with an exclusive selection of natural fibres that reflect the plurality that nature has to offer: nettle, afghan wool, silk and jute

These fibers are twisted together into a continuous thread: a highly manual process that enriches the design, giving each carpet a soft and unique texture. Each thread, each knot, transports us to the world where this rug began

Small - 1700 x 2400
Large - 2000 x 3000

2 years

4-6 weeks - Airfreight

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