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Type: Rug
Brand: Nanimarquina
Designer: Javier Mariscal

Faced with the challenge of blank paper, some authors capture its very essence on designer rugs

A graphic and industrial designer, a painter, a fashion designer and a writer and art gallery director create each of these four exclusive designs, in which four very personal visions of the rug as contemporary object are made clear

All have something in common: choosing the absence of colour, black and white in monochrome, to intensify its identity. A dichotomy. A horizontal canvas. A work of art underfoot.

ESTAMBUL Javier Mariscal (re-edition of the 1987 original). The original model for this piece was a watercolour painted by Mariscal in 1987. Its final design conveys the basic outline of the classic Persian rug. Using this as its point of departure, it is updated using unique lines reminiscent of those used in comics, synthesising East and West, traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design in just one product

Small - 2550W x 1700D
Large - 3000W x 2000D

2 years

4-6 weeks - Airfreight

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