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Tres Texture

Type: Rug
Brand: Nanimarquina
Designer: Nani Marquina

Tres pays tribute to the ancient craft of weaving, reclaiming the basics and beauty with the details

A traditional Indian flat-weave Dhurrie rug, Tres unique quality lies in three independent parts in which different fibres are used.
The proportion and combination of wool, felt, and cotton generate changes in tone and irregularities in the weave, bringing the pattern to life

Tres showcases the weaving structure without fear of revealing the warp. The fringes also portray the construction process, enhancing the difference between the three areas that finally blend together invisibly

Colour variations: black, blue, sage, ocher, turquoise, chocolate and pearl

Handmade with 76% New Zealand wool and 24% Wool felt using the Hand loomed technique.

1700 x 2400

2 years

4-6 weeks

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