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Hayon x Nani

Type: Rug
Brand: Nanimarquina
Designer: Jaime Hayon

The Hayon x Nani is a dreamy, wild collection with a great sense of humour.

Created with the hand tufting technique, a manually operated pistol injects pieces of wool, intuitive and fluid lines are achieved, as well as an organic composition.

A first glance reveals a chaotic tangle of colours and shapes that invade the rug. However, after looking carefully, the imagination of Jamie Hayon springs to life: turtle, lips, hands, stools, fish, half men, half birds.

Handmade with 100% New Zealand wool using the Hand tufted technique.

800 x 2400
1200 x 1300
1700 x 2400
2000 x 3000

2 years

4-6 weeks

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