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Type: Barleaner
Brand: Andreu World
Designer: Estudio Andreu

Collection of fixed tables veneered in Oak
This model is offered in a variety of dimensions, including two different widths, making it ideal for both contract and home-office spaces
Available in both dining and barleaner height
Wood may be stained to a variety of colour options

1200W x 600D x 900H
1800W x 600D x 900H
2400W x 600D x 900H
3000W x 600D x 900H
1200W x 700D x 900H
1800W x 700D x 900H
2400W x 700D x 900H
3000W x 700D x 900H
1200W x 900D x 900H
1800W x 900D x 900H
2400W x 900D x 900H
3000W x 900D x 900H
1200W x 1000D x 900H
1800W x 1000D x 900H
2400W x 1000D x 900H
3000W x 1000D x 900H
1200W x 600D x 1100H
1800W x 600D x 1100H
2400W x 600D x 1100H
3000W x 600D x 1100H
1200W x 700D x 1100H
1800W x 700D x 1100H
2400W x 700D x 1100H
3000W x 700D x 1100H
1200W x 900D x 1100H
1800W x 900D x 1100H
2400W x 900D x 1100H
3000W x 900D x 1100H
1200W x 1000D x 1100H
1800W x 1000D x 1100H
2400W x 1000D x 1100H
3000W x 1000D x 1100H

5 year structural warranty

Indent product 12 weeks

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