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Wilde + Spieth

Wilde + Spieth was originally foundered in 1831 as a carpenter’s workshop in Esslingen, Germany. From humble beginnings, Wilde + Spieth has established itself as an award-winning, contemporary furniture company that focuses on locally made, sustainable seating and tables.
Wilde + Spieth are specialists for ergonomic comfort and functionality, with a product range that spans seating, tables, office and conference chairs, meeting, waiting and lounge areas and performance, orchestra and university seating. Their diverse range of products, accessories, frames and material colours, types of wood, and stain colours enable their customers to create their own distinctive, one-off design classics.
With an emphasis on service, quality and a commitment to tradition, the Wilde + Spieth collection continues to deliver a product that inspires and fulfils its clients’ needs as much today as it has done for nearly two centuries.